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age of empire 3 mods

The current Teleport Effect places all units in one spot; enabling "Retain Unit Positions" will force it to remember where the unit was, in relative to the center location.
Outpost build limit 30 instead of 7 outpost hit points, attacke range, damage, max contain and builder are increased with 25, but it has it costs, wood resource need is increased 400 from 250 ;P WarDog speed velocity increased 7 from 5 WarDog hitpoints:.The Aztecs can build an Outpost.Five completely new cultures with new units, among others Tactical Units like Spies, Assassins or Officers, new Economic Units like Scholars, Slaves, female and male citizens.The Mayor can build factories in age.Russian town center does not generate settlers in blocks - Town Center can train a Builder story books in marathi unit.Only Mills, Farms, Rice Paddies game metal slug ps2 and Plantations can now be captured.It can carry up to 10 infantry or civilian units and has defensive capabilities of its own.For now, this mod tries to upgrade the game with small, big and necessary tweaks, changes and adds to make the gameplay more interesting, fun and challenging.At the moment TFE is a treaty - expansion and is balanced for 'treaty 40min - no blockade' only.Dead Bodies Staying Mod found in data folder of AOE3.It can carry up to 20 infantry units only and has a defensive capability of its own.Unit Upgrades Modpack and copy the units and effects folders into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires IIIart subfolder.