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Cable tv subscriber application form

cable tv subscriber application form

Note down all of them and ask the cable operator which one is required.
This has been necessitated as trai has observed that wwe 13 wii iso for pc there is substantial pendency with respect to the availability of complete consumer details with the COs/MSOs.
This is evident from the speed with which STBs were installed in April after non-digital transmission of cable TV was disabled.In case sufficient number of free channels of a particular genre are not available, the operator will add free channels of other genres in the basic package.He won't be able to blame you if the STB is deactivated.Click the order dated April 30, 2012.At the most the authority will give an extension of a week or two but the exercise will have to be completed sooner or later.The regulator will initially focus on Delhi, Gupta said.Email it to your MSO on its consumer service email.Your STB has a sticker that mentions its serial number.The consumer application forms have not been filled up by a majority of subscribers due to practical limitations such as legibility of font, and inability to understand the English language, said.Its a total failure of the (digitization) exercise.This, when the whole idea of digitization was more choice and better quality of service to the customer.But in its zeal to fulfil the regulatory requirements, it (Trai) will ultimately sacrifice consumer interest, he said.This is a time-consuming process.1 (B) states the customer has the option of choosing any 100 free channels of his choice in lieu of the basic package offered by the operator.The MSO can't charge more than Rs 100 (excluding taxes) per month for the basic package.What needs to be done * You should have two passport size photographs and photocopies of a valid proof of address.Tags: trai warns cable TV subscribers, tRAI, cable TV Operators.Through these public notices and scrolls, the subscribers were also alerted about deactivation of cable TV services in case of non-submission of the forms.Elsewhere it is mentioned that the package must compulsorily include 18 channels of Doordarshan and Lok Sabha.The point of digitization was to empower the consumer and provide them their choice of channels.This, they hope, will force trai to extend the deadline again.
This is essential to exploit all the features and benefits of DAS, including enabling the subscribers to effectively exercise their choice in terms of channels and services.