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Various x13 input file changes.
Fix for a bug that caused enlist to lex luger producer dead not work.Fix to allow pasting in dialogs (Mac version).Fix to X-13 to allow no seasonal adjustment when issued from the command line.Fix for missing series names on group members edit dialog.Changes to tsls and GMM single equation dialog.Added file type filtering option to @uifiledlg.Fix a crash that can occur when referencing non-existant data members.Fix for linked series not updating after a frequency conversion change.Fix for cloud file download error when extension had upper case letters.Fix for import of a dated panel into an existing workfile crash.Improved graph labelling behavior.Fixed bug that caused makecoint to fail from ardl equations.Fix a crash that can occur when performing many many autoarma calculations.Fix for slow fame database writes.Fix for a crash that could occur in VAR forecasting without forecast crack kaspersky antivirus 2013 evaluation.Fix for printer options getting lost when options were entered a second time.Fix output label for selected eternity warriors 3 hack rar probability for breakpoint unit root test with known break.Not allow structural forecasting for arfima.Fix for missing EViews Update menu option in mac version.Excel Add-in updated to support longer object names.
Fix for incorrect initial mixed graph settings.
Implemented AIC and SIC forecast averaging routines.