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Excel vba range find last row

excel vba range find last row

The following example has Apple as part of the cell contents active uneraser 7 serial in A2 and it is the full contents in cell.
If you want to go straight to an example of Find then check out, how to do a Simple Find.
This does not use the VBA Find function.
The following code searches for Jena.We are telling VBA to start the search for Rachal after cell A2 Set cell Range A1:A6.Find Rachal After:Range A2 This will return the cell A6 Example 3 Wrapping Around If a match is not found then the search will wrap around.Well see more about this shortly.The procedure below writes 100,000 values.16 second about 60 times faster than the looping method.' note: Underscore allows breaking up a line Sub UseSearchDirection Dim cell As Range ' Finds A2 Set cell shData.The following code shows a simple example of finding the first and second occurrences of the text Elli.A faster way to accomplish the task is to put the value in an array, and then transfer the array to the worksheet.So imagine you have the range A1:A7.It is very similar to using the Find function.You do this by placing * in the search string.The following code searches for a cell that is formatted to red.Find Dialog on an Excel worksheet.You can clear the format by using the code ear You can see the we used this in the second SearchFormat example above.We use Find to get the first item.