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Fdisk resize partition ntfs

fdisk resize partition ntfs

T is not responsible for any data loss!
Any single letter options, that dont take an argument, can be combined into a single command,.g.
Defragmentation is NOT required prior to resizing because the program can relocate trackmania 2 valley keygen any data if needed, without risking data integrity.
A damn 404 cockup.To do so for ntfs, you could use ntfsclone (8).Resize the filesystem with resize2fs [email protected] # resize2fs /dev/sdb1 400M resize2fs.41.12 (17-May-2010) Resizing the filesystem on /dev/sdb1 to 409600 (1k) blocks.Increase Root Partition Size LVM CentOS!Please also note, that no software can repair these type of hardware errors.Prior using this option, it's strongly recommended to make a backup by ntfsclone (8) using the -rescue option, then running 'chkdsk /f /r volume on Windows from the command line.This option cannot be used in association with option -expand.P, -no-progress-bar Don't show progress bars.Otherwise you wont be able to access your filesystem.i, -info By using this option without -expand, ntfsresize will determine the theoretically smallest shrunken filesystem size supported.(Attention: system partition just supports to shrink partition to one half at most.).Try now to resize ntfs partition.You can find more information about this issue in the Troubleshooting section of the below referred Ntfsresize FAQ.
Or if you resized /dev/sdb2, then you need to run new game god of war sudo fdisk /dev/sdb.