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Gule rana episode 2

gule rana episode 2

She denied and said dont call her again, she do not want to live with him.
He was asking MAria to come back, he knew things would get messy if she didnt.
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The problems are increasing for Adeel as mentioned in Gul-e-Rana Episode.I am hoping Adeel will get married to Maria and it will be the end of this drama.She left the room.She says uncle it is enough now I can not live with Adeel anymore.Muneera is the weirdest mother.Digitální Produkt: Staení hry pímo ze server vydavatele hry.Quite an inspirational mother, if you ask.Maryams mom called every body to her home and asked to take decision about Maryam and Adeel.Even if she was not happy with her daughters decision of coming to Karachi, she should have at least talked to her about it, instead of just yelling at her and blaming her for being ungrateful.To be fair; the story did progress but the episode as a whole was again not much to look.In normal households it is the elder ladies who go to stay with relatives at such times and not newly married young women.Read More promo Video Gul-e-Rana Episode 18 In high Quality.
Gul e Rana Asked Adeel about the dinner in Gul-e-Rana Episode 20 but he said he refused.
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