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Iron front patch 1.03

iron front patch 1.03

1.04 patch installed on Iron Front: Liberation 1944.
Fixed: Hanomag crew can be killed now by the M2 machine-gun.
Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically.Fixed: Fixed the problem with the breakable parts of the vehicles in the multiplayer.Version.05 Changelog New: New and fixed sounds for all the weapons.Patch.04 -.05 61,9 MB, donnerstag, patch.03 -.04 49,8 MB, donnerstag, patch.0 -.03 144 MB, alle Downloads zu Iron Front - Liberation 1944.Fixed: Anti-tank guns break correctly in multiplayer.Kfz 251 halftrack LIB_StuG_III_G StuG alias maya 6.5 activation key iiib_StuG_III_G_WS StuG III G without sidearmor LIB_PzKpfwIV_H.System requirements An original version of Iron Front: Liberation 1944.Viger since patch.05 Weapons Classname Full Name Footnotes LIB_P38 Walther P38 LIB_flare_pistol Flare pistol LIB_MP40 MP 40 LIB_K98 Karabiner 98k LIB_K98ZF39 Karabiner 98k with scope LIB_MP44 Sturmgewehr 44 LIB_G43 Gewehr 43 since Patch.03 LIB_MG42 MG 42 LIB_RPzB Panzerschreck LIB_PzFaust_30m Panzerfaust easteregg lib_shg24 Handgrenade.New: SVT soviet rifle added.Updated: Updated several multiplayer missions, fixed several bugs.WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne, patch.27 (deutsch) 71,8 MB, city of the Shroud.Works on the default.5 magnification.Fixed: Fixed some mistakes of the german infantry.V Panther LIB_PzKpfwVI_B.Fixed: Now the tank riders die by HE shells.
LIB_ussr_airforce, scripting uniques, heads, head_RU, head_INS, language.
Updated: Updated the trenches, fixed some errors.