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Lost season 1 episode 15

lost season 1 episode 15

( Juxtaposition ) Lucy tells Charlie that he'll never "care for anyone Charlie cares for Claire by killing Ethan and looking out for her.
Boone falls asleep during his shift.
They continue to discuss it with Jack suggesting everyone gather in the caves, but Locke counters that perhaps Ethans people want them all in one place.
Suddenly, a vengeful Charlie shoots Ethan in the chest and kills him, using the gun Jack had dropped.Charlie walks over and makes conversation with Lucy." After the burying ceremony, Claire finds out from Shannon why everybody is avoiding her.And yet they treat him like it was a fair decision and Claire seems positively warm toward him.The survivors went back to their daily routines and their own business.Every one of the survivors should have been desperate to know who he was and whether he might know a way to get them home.Jin says he was attacked because of what the others had done.Tabula Rasa Claire remembers peanut butter.The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.Sun looks thoughtful and says she's sure the baby is fine.Over dinner, Charlie tells Lucy's father that he once was part of a band, but Drive Shaft now business model generation book is "dead." It seems like Charlie begins to like Lucy, although he cons her and her father.The soundtrack also features the cue from Ethan's capture, " Getting Ethan which forms a motif for the character.Day 29 The next day he wakes up after he hears a sprung booby trap.Jack decides it's time to reveal he has guns.Flashbacks in this episode feature.Charlie duly wins her affections but he starts to like the idea of looking after her.Theres a very poor piece of dialogue between Locke and Jack at one point.( Foreshadowing ) Storyline analysis Charlie keeps the truth from Claire ; she tells him that she wants to trust him.Please read the following before uploading.