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Mob disguise plugin 1.3.1

mob disguise plugin 1.3.1

Damage Modifiers - Allows you to modify how much damage a mob will take from certain sources.
Poisonous potato is dropped with 2 chance.
Bug Fixes Hopefully fixed a bug with MythicMob items not playing nicely with other plugins, even if you don't add any attributes under Options on items.Skills with conditions will only be used if the conditions are all true.0-2 Glowstone Dust if killed by a player Legacy Console Edition only None None The blaze rod has a 1/3 chance to drop.Classic.25 survival test 2 Pigs drop mushrooms.Real mob variants such as baby_zombie will still work.For example, a killed sheep will always drop exactly 1 block of wool.Links, download the latest version (.12,.11,.10,.9,.8) iDisguise on Twitter iDisguise on SpigotMC.To Do List disguise visibility (5.6.1).12 compatibility (5.6.3) disguise entities see-through feature (5.6.4 suggestions are always welcome!Fixed the following spawner commands to be usable from the console or command blocks: activate, info, and set.Rare drops are always a single item, but may appear in conjunction with other common drops.Yes Witch 5 06 Glass Bottle 06 Glowstone Dust 06 Gunpowder 06 Redstone 06 Spider Eye 06 Stick 06 Sugar None Potion of Healing Potion of Fire Resistance Potion of Swiftness Potion of Water Breathing Always dropped if drinking Bedrock Edition only and have.5.To disguise as a player, type /d player and then append a player name (e.g.Added /mm spawners cut search_string, /mm spawners paste and /mm spawners undo commands.New Skills 5 new special skills.On average that gives.3 mushrooms per block.Before that, it was just 13 and cat.
Skills can use all the same conditions as spawners and random spawning (although ones that don't necessarily make causing havoc lori foster pdf sense for skills will not work so well).
They are also dropped from a thrown Bottle o' Enchanting.