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Seagate backup plus or expansion desktop

seagate backup plus or expansion desktop

The weight of Seagate dodge ram 2003 service manual Backup Plus is 224g, where Seagate Expansion is 270g. .
(For Indian readers, seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable External Hard Drive ).
It is labelled Barracuda.
The another important difference between these two hard disks is about warranty period.The size of Seagate Backup Plus is Backup Plus Hard Disk, let us compare the features of Seagate Backup Plus and Expansion hard disks. .In terms of hard disk reliability, seek times and so forth it makes no difference whether you get the backup plus or the expansion.The Backup Plus comes with a backup software. .But take a look at the model number ( you may need to click on the picture to enlarge it).We can also see the difference in their dimensions. They both have exactly the same model number ST2000DM001.On the right is the drive out of the Seagate expansion.On the left is the drive out of the Seagate Backup Plus, it is labelled Desktop HDD.The second reason it to store heavy files consuming large space on your computer, like movies.Seagate make two external USB drives.The Seagate Backup Plus is more compact and light weight than Seagate Expansion.Related Manuals for Seagate Backup Plus Desktop.