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Sims 3 cheat codes

sims 3 cheat codes

Cela ajoute automatiquement 50 000 au budget de vos Sims.
Pour en bénéficier, il suffit de taper dans la fenêtre de code: testingcheatsenabled true, puis allez dans "Modifier la ville" et sélectionnez la famille que vous souhaitez installer.
Ex: If it's a girl go buy apples.Enter Create A Sim Without Deleting Your Family.Note, this may not work if they aren't twins or fpdf library for php triplets.The 5 Life spans you can chose from are: Short- 25 Sim Days, medium- 50 Sim Days.Play your Music In The Sims.You may go to the friends list and also drag those bars up or down.Napíklad: Stiskni ctrl shift C, pak napi slowMotionViz 6, a stiskni Enter pro aktivaci kódu.When your cash gets low, add some more by following the steps again.Fotos, mehr, shopping, docs, books, blogger, kontakte.Hope this works out for you, It did for me!Your Sims can buy any house for free!Then click enter on your keyboard.Warning: this cheat will NOT work IF YOU DO NOT type IN testingcheatsenabled true, IN first.
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