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The american girl collection

the american girl collection

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Josefina (1824) Josefina Montoya Beware the Nice Ones : Florecita in particular often managed to trigger Josefina's hidden temper.Outdoorsy Gal : She loves country life, the great outdoors, and adventures, often mentioning that she feels "stuck" with endless chores since her home became a boarding house.She also states that pink is her favorite color.Segregated neighborhoods, child labor, other Edwardian Era social ills) and behaves maturely for quicktime 7.5 5 for mac 10.5.8 her age along with being proficient in math.Everything's Worse with Bears : Kirsten gets eaten by a bear, of course.Shrinking Violet : she's quiet, modest, and rather shy compared to C├ęcile, claiming that years of moving and not having a stable home has changed her.While we don't get to know To my husband's shock, the boys and I listened to this collection on audio.Proper Lady : Elizabeth.Black Best Friend : To Marie-Grace, but averted as she is the protagonist to the story as her friend.Rebellious Spirit : She's pretty free-spirited and rebellious for the time period.An adventurous girl who loves the outdoors living with a family who prefers the indoors.The expansion gives girls more characters with which to identify.Red Oni, Blue Oni : The red impulsive oni to Emily's calmer blue.