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Visual studio 2010 webbrowser control ie version

visual studio 2010 webbrowser control ie version

First we'll create an enumeration to handle the different versions described above so that we don't have to deal with magic numbers.
Exe and you want it to run the WebBrowser as IE9 you should add this key.
And I guess the more important question.Vshost.exe in justin cronin the passage pdf order to set the emulated version for the correct process.Maybe its just saying its IE7?9000, internet Explorer.DWord / Check for the key after adding FindAppkey tValue(appName if (FindAppkey String ow Application feature_browser_emulation changed to " ieval changes will be visible at application restart else ow Application feature_browser_emulation setting failed; current value is pdf redirect pro v2 registration key " ieval catch (Exception ex) ow Application feature_browser_emulation setting.Background, occasionally I need to embed html in my applications.According to the documentation the IE8 (8000) and IE9 (9000) modes will switch to IE10 (10000) mode if installed.Exe, you'll need to add the value calc.Null) string programName; object value; programName tCommandLineArgs 0 value tValue(programName, null if (value!How can I get the web browser control to use IE9 (instead of IE7)?Exe (dword) version, note: If you do this from an application you're debugging using Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Hosting Process option is enabled you'll find the executable name may not be what you expect.If however, you wish to make use of modern standards compliant html, CSS or JavaScript then setting the appropriate emulation version will save you a lot of trouble.
Ok, this is the standard result for IE9 and if you like you can also check to have a confirmation of UserAgent string.